Rues - Webdesign

¦ Consultation ¦ Concept ¦ Realisation ¦ Publication ¦ Maintenance ¦

In the construction of internet websites my main focus is directed towards guideslines of W3C. This guarantees a correct and thorough präsentation of websites on most popular browsers
It means that special accurateness is being implemented in the development and selection of programming techniques.

„The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential. W3C is a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding.

In order for the Web to reach its full potential, the most fundamental Web technologies must be compatible with one another and allow any hardware and software used to access the Web to work together.“

· Consultation
creative possibilities to determine what is meaningful. Individual advice around personal, professional representation in the internet
· Concept
target and market analysis in the development of the concept according to individual ideas
· Production and Realisation
quick loading times, well-structured pages, optimized for multiple search engines/browsers and monitor/pixel size adaptation, valid html in order to achieve largest compatibility towards all browsers
· Publication
up-load of completed pages into the internet
· Up-dates and Maintenance
upon request - frequent personal up-dates, customized extended pages and maintenance
compatible prices available upon individual agreement



Online-Business card:
maximum 3 pages and 3 images
  :    from 100 €
Basic Layout   :    from 250 €
Each page   :    from 25 €
Image alteration and adaptation  (1)   : approx 10 bis 30 €
Optimization of Search Engines,- registration   :    from 50 €
Flash Audioplayer   :    from 30 €
Flash Videoplayer   :    from 80 €
Flash Slideshow   :    from 50 €
Conversion of Audio-/Videofiles   :    from 30 €
Translation German ↔ Englisch  (2)   :  by arrangement
Scripts   :  by arrangement
site - maintenance   :  by arrangement

to (1): Cooperation with professional Graphic Designer
           – Prices by arrangement

to (2): Cooperation with experienced Translator
           – Prices by arrangement